Monday, 13 October 2014

Naming Your Engage Ships

In my opinion, naming my ships is half the fun of creating them - it adds some character and makes it more realistic when it comes to gaming. 

Given the wealth of scifi shows and games out there, it's very easy for you to emulate the great ships from your favourite 'verse. I, myself, am particularly fond of the Halo universe, so you'll usually find my ships taking on the names of the ships from there. 

  • All under heaven
  • Constantinople 
  • Pillar of Autumn
  • Say My Name

And what's great is that the fans of most of these shows will have done most of the work for you and collected it all together in the various wikis that exist for the games/shows [example]

The alternative route is to create your own ship names, in the last game of Engage I played, Ben had names his ships in a way that reflected the ship's purpose (though i didn't realise it until too late). Some examples were the Longbow (a long range ship) and the Shotgun (for close range action). 

The naming of ships gives them a life of their own, and makes those engagements more fun when the Cruiser 'Say My Name' wipes out the enemy ship it just sounds cooler than Ship A, or Ship Beta. 

Ship Categorisations

Another way to enhance the 'life' of your ships is to use the prefixes that match the classes of ships found in the game, we tend to use the basic US Navy 'traditiona' categorisations, with some tweaks here and there. 

So here's our list for you to use;

  • S - Scout
  • K - Corvette
  • FF - Frigate
  • DD - Destroyer
  • CL - Light Cruiser
  • CE - Escort Cruiser
  • CA - Heavy Cruiser
  • CB - Battle Cruiser

There's load of information for these sorts of classifications on the web, and you can alter and edit them depending on the huge variations that are out there. You can also give them a little flair - Got three Destroyers? make one the Destroyer Leader 'DL' - though it also might make him 'Target No1', but that's half the fun!

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