Monday, 7 July 2014

So Say We All - An evening of Battlestar Galactica

Okay, okay.. so we're a little behind the times - given that the TV series has been over for a while now and the board game came out in 2008, but we've recently (in addition to a spot of Necromunda - see our other blog posts) gotten the board game bug.

We've always had a variety of board games that we go back to from time to time - Talisman 2nd Ed, Judge Dredd, Chaos Marauders etc etc. but as you can see from that list, they're all quite old.

So a few weeks ago we played Small World which was great easy going game, even if Ian did spend half of it winding us up with his 'Flying Skeletons' - I'd highly recommend giving it a go if you get a chance. Last week a friend of ours, Simon, brought round Eclipse and we played for a good 4+ hours and had a great time.

SO feeling quite enthused about the board game genre in general (despite spending most of the first hour or two in eclipse stuck between four ancient ship tiles) I searched for another highly rated sci-fi board game and found that I kept coming back to Battlestar, so I placed my order and it arrived soon after!

There's always politics and intrigue whenever we all play games (board or miniature) as we attempt to wind each other up and and point each other in the wrong direction - so I was most drawn in by the fact that such politics are inherent in the BSG game, and we weren't disappointed!

We took a little longer to play the game than the suggested timeframe of 2-3 hours.. almost 4 and a half by the time we were done. but that's to be expected when there's five of us playing a game we've never played before.. right? 

Me: Admiral Adama
Si: Gaius Baltar
Ian: Starbuck
Lewis: Chief
Ben: Apollo

Who's the walking toaster?

After assigning our characters, we picked our 'are you a cylon' cards - we took some advice from the D6 Generation, we each took our card and left the room to read it - as there are special instructions for cylons, we didn't want the others to see them reading something and give the game away. 

Great Lords of Kobol, just the card i was after! I didn't really want to be the reason for the end of the human race, so i was quite pleased to see that I was, in fact, not a cylon. 

Hold your horses, I hear you say, i could still turn out to be a cylon! True, i could be - but for now i'm not and i'll keep earth marching towards Kobol.

Accusations started flying as soon as started proper, who was being too good? too helpful? who wasn't being helpful enough? who was too loud, too quiet? there's more than two negative cards so they can't all be from the destiny deck, one of you put them in... i'm looking at you Simon (Gaius)

Martial Law

After a few round a martial law card was drawn, as the highest ranking military character, I was able to choose to pull the presidency away from Simon (Gaius being the highest ranking political figure in play). Suspecting him of being a Cylon, I took the presidency away from him - though that in turn made me look suspicious... I used Quorum card to make him vice-president though, that'll mollify him. 

We managed quite well up to the first half of the game! with some careful planning, we didn't lose many resources and the starbuck/apollo combo was doing well at keeping the raiders at bay.

I did pull some rather unhelpful cards from the jump deck, the first time took us distance two (towards the 4+ we needed to get halfway to Kobol) then I could only draw ones, which was frustrating to say the least, there were accusations that the Military Coup was a cylon run thing and that we were going slow on purpose. 

Fortunately for the first half, it seemed that either no one was a cylon (quite possible) or they didn't know what they were doing. either way, we soon hit the halfway mark and the remainder of the 'You are (not) a cylon' cards came back...

See part two for more..