Saturday, 27 September 2014

Some more sights of Alpha City!

Just a quick update to the previous post. I had a bit of fun this afternoon creating a billboard advertising 'Wham: super soda!'. In true Alpha City style, more punks have got their hands (or should that be spray cans on it!)
As you can see, it can be used free standing or...

placed on top of Lew's!

City Slickers!

In the run up to demoing our exciting new project 'Super Justice', we've been preparing a board on which to host this meta-human mangling madness. So without further ado, here are some WIP pictures of our little corner of 'Alpha City'.

Lew's 24hr store! A little home-made project using an mdf drawer from a well known Swedish wooden wonderland!

 'Freakin' kids!' - The Dark Paladin shakes his fist at  the local youths' artwork.

 A touch of green in the form of some city planters!

We'll be continuing to populate the board as we prepare for next weekend. If you are lucky enough to be attending Blast-tastic, keep your eyes out for Alpha City and play a game of Super Justice with us!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Super Justice: Super Hero Miniature Combat

There's always a lot of work behind the scenes here at RWG.It might not always appear to be that way - this blog, and the twitter etc might not be quite as active as we'd like, but we're always busy working on new games and making refinements to our existing range. 

We tend to meet up once a week, and spend the evening playing, testing and developing new rules and new games. Some go in the bin, others on the back burner (some - read "mine" - indefinitely) a few get a lot of attention and a lot of work. 

Super Justice is one of those games. 

Super Justice is a Super Hero game (if the cover didn't make that obvious) where you control your own group of supers - good or bad - and fight against others!

The system is in a late alpha, approaching beta stage at the moment, which is why we're finally making some noise about it. The game uses 28mm miniatures (well that's what we're using) currently with a host of supers whose names hopefully don't infringe IP!

We wanted this game to allow people to mix and match their favourite super heros so the powers, abilities and weapons available mean you can have a not-batman, or a not-superman character. A 'tech-tree' style advancement system determines what sort of skills, equipment and powers they can aquire as they get stronger and in game, these advancements play out in a variety of different ways. 

Characters have movement, agility, shooting, combat, defence stats (to name some of them) which can all be advance, or modified as a result of level-up enhancement. 


The game itself uses an alternating activation system, with rules included for 'tag-team' actions too, however players must balance the actions they want to carry out with how many actions a character can carry out. 

Going all out one round with a character might seem like a great idea (and sometimes it really is), enabling them to run, climb a building and shoot some laser eyes at the guy on the roof opposite, but that character will need to 'recharge' some of their action points before they can do anything meaningful next round meaning they might be a sitting duck!

We'll be bringing you more information soon, as we work our way to Blastastic where we'll be demoing the game on our stall/table (Saturday 4th October - link) and going on from there!