Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Time for a quickie?

Alright alright.. this post isn't as saucy as it sounds.

In fact, this post is going to be a little thin on the ground and comes to you a day ahead of schedule!
We've not much to say at the moment - everything is moving along, but nothing substantial to report i'm afraid.

As such, I shall shamelessly be using this post for self promotion!
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Who or what is 'Red Wyvern Games'

Who or what is 'Red Wyvern Games'

I felt that it might be appropriate to write up a little something like this before we get all big and famous and have someone else to write our blog posts for us.. it also fills a little time before we get something more substantial to post on here!

Well, as it says on our website, we're a trio from the South of England with a passion for wargaming. I  personally have been playing for about 12 years now Ben and Ian for around 15. As with most youngsters we found our calling in the form of Games Workshop, enamored by the rules, models and the worlds created by the likes of Rick Priestly, the Perry Twins, John Blanche and Jervis Johnson among others. Like many of you, we soon spent many years (and more money than I care to think about) building armies, fighting battles and painting our models.

With our focus on Games Workshop, It wasn't until about 5 or 6 years ago that we released just how wide a world of wargaming there was out there, as soon widened our interests to all scales and genres, starting with Ben we soon started writing rules for small games for the myriad of models we bought. We would host a regular event called 'Game On', where we would have 2 months or so and a limited budget or specific set of models for each of us to create a game, we would then play through these games (sometimes dragging friends alone to help judge) and declare one of us the winner!

After a few years of this and some exciting possible games, we decided that we wanted to share them with the rest of the gaming community! If we enjoyed these, then maybe others would enjoy them too (or at least we hope you will!) As such, one cold blustery evening in late 2011, we sat down and decided what course this would take, on that evening we devised the name you are now all familiar with 'Red Wyvern Games' and then, after Some hiatus later, we started to really get going with this project; got a designer to put together a logo for us, put together a website, decided which games to start with and then we got cracking!

Which leads us to now, about 18 months after we first started we're now on track to publish our first two release games 'Chronicles of War' and 'Engage!: Space Ship Combat'.

It's all quite exciting, there's lots going on whilst we juggle these projects and 'real life' to bring these projects into fruition. We're not expecting record sales and mass panic buying of rule books when they're released and we're certainly not looking to retire on our sales any time too soon, we're just hoping to share our passion for wargaming with you in the form of these rulebooks! Thanks for reading!


p.s. This evening I have Ben and Ian coming over, So maybe I'll have some of those photos that I promised last week. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It's been a while

Well.. it's been a long while since we last updated this 'regular blog'..

There's been lots going on, including real life, but things are moving along at a nice pace, albeit a touch slower than we had orignally intended. But I think both Ben and Ian would agree that is for the better, we've got a couple of products that we really want to get right, so we intend to make sure that happens. 

We won't be making PAW like we'd hoped and Salute (for now at least) is a little out of our reach, so we're looking at events a little later in the year to really hit these things home and make our mark on this ever hectic wargaming scene!

Chronicles of War is our main focus at the moment, the draft rules are 99% completed now and we've done quite a bit of play testing so far. As such we'll soon be moving on to compiling it all into what we all know as a rulebook putting in pretty pictures and have it all well formatted! Afterwhich I imagine we'll be switching our attention back on Engage! to get that back up and running! 

If there's one thing I've found out whilst writing these rules is that when playing test games we keep finding more and more scenarios that need to be defined in the rules or have rules written for. That elusive 100% complete rulebook is ever just around the corner. I suppose that eventually you have to find a compromise where you stop writing - 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' as they say.

In other news; It's a little too early to say too much at the moment, but we're in preliminary talks with a miniatures company to possible supply models for our games. It's quite exciting to think that this early into our rules writing careers that we might be able to organise a collaboration like this, so fingers crossed! If it all pans out we'll keep you posted! 

I'll post again next week, hopefully with a few sneak peaks of a couple of rules/scenarios from our Chronicles of War game. 
In the mean time, head on over to tinyminipeople - Ben's blog to see a review on some of the new Khurasan moderns. 

Craig @ RWG.